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Acts 1:5: baptized with the Holy Ghost - Study Note
... baptized with the Holy Ghost. As John had “immersed” (literal meaning of baptizo) the disciples in water, they were shortly to be immersed in the Holy Spirit, in accordance with John’s prophecy (Mark 1:8) and Christ’s...
John 20:22: the Holy Ghost - Study Note
... Christ had promised He would soon indwell them permanently (John 14:16-17). The command now to “receive ye the Holy Spirit” is imperative and must be carried out at the proper time. However, Christ also told them to tarry in Jerusalem...
Luke 24:49: promise of my Father - Study Note
... to the disciples in the upper room before the crucifixion (John 14:16-17). Christ also had told them He was sending them out into the world (John 20:21), but first they must be cautioned to wait until the promised Spirit is sent to empower them...
Psalms 51:11: thy holy spirit - Study Note
the Holy Spirit will indwell His believing disciples forever (John 14:16-17). Before Christ, the Holy Spirit would come upon individuals for specific empowerment for service and could as easily leave, as in the case of Saul (I Samuel 11:6; 16:14)....
Displaying 1 - 4