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Arrows In The Hand - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... all the days of our life in the house of the LORD” (Isaiah 38:20). It is significant that the word for “degrees” is the same in both cases. It apparently means “steps” or “ascents.” The shadow...
Isaiah 38:20
... LORD was ready to save me: therefore we will sing my songs to the stringed instruments all the days of our life in the house of the...
Psalms 120:1: In my distress - Study Note
is the same as the “degrees” on the dial of Ahaz (Isaiah 38:8). As a sign to King Hezekiah that He would add fifteen years to his life, God had supernaturally caused the shadow on the sun dial to go back ten degrees (Isaiah 38:5,7). In...
Isaiah 38:20: sing my songs - Study Note
... sing my songs. On the possibility that these songs of Hezekiah have been preserved in the book of Psalms, see notes on Psalms 120–134. The fifteen songs of degrees may correspond to the fifteen years added to Hezekiah’s...
Displaying 1 - 4