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Habakkuk 2:5: proud man - Study Note
... who “live by their faith” in God’s Word (Habakkuk 2:4), his “soul [was] lifted up” in pride, and therefore was “not upright in him.” He would come to his end at God’s...
Habakkuk 2:5: hell - Study Note
... hell. “Hell” is sheol, the place of departed human souls, to which more are added daily. Nebuchadnezzar’s insatiable pride and ambition are thus compared picturesquely to hell...
Habakkuk 3:11: stood still - Study Note
... stood still. See Joshua 10:12-14. When “the sun stood still, and the moon stayed…about a whole day…the LORD fought for Israel.” There has never been another day like that in all history, but in the new earth, “the city had no...
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