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No Murder - Article
Henry M. Morris III, D.Min. - ... authority was given to corporate man by God after the Flood (Genesis 9:5-6) The process of trial and conviction was established in Numbers 35:30-31. All such laws are designed to suppress evil (1 Timothy 1:8-10). Imprisonment from normal society...
Genesis 25:30
... Esau said to Jacob, Feed me, I pray thee, with that same red pottage; for I am faint: therefore was his name called...
Palo Duro Canyon Tours • Canyon, TX - Event
... form to purchase tickets for the Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis Conference and to register for one of the Dinosaur Fossil Walks. Powered by Eventbrite   Description Earth's history is written in the...
Entropy and the Resurrection - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... He says is true. When He said, for example, referring to Genesis 1:27, that "from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female" (Mark 10:6), we know for a certainty that the earth and the universe are not millions or...
Genesis 5:30: begat sons - Study Note
... begat sons. All the antediluvian patriarchs are said to have begotten sons and daughters, probably many of each, so the world population grew explosively. The names listed are not those of the firstborn, but of the one in each family who would...
Genesis 2:21: deep sleep - Study Note
... deep sleep. The “deep sleep” was not simply an anesthetized state to prevent pain, since there was as yet no pain in the world. It was most likely ordained as a primeval picture of the future death of the second Adam, whose...
Ephesians 5:30: his bones - Study Note
... his bones. See Genesis 2:23. The amazing truth of the union of Christ and His church thus is tied to the historical reality of the union of Adam and Eve. Just as Adam gave himself for Eve, so that she could be given life from his opened side,...
Genesis 2:24: one flesh - Study Note
... one flesh. The literal historicity of this event and its primary importance in human life are confirmed by both the Apostle Paul (Ephesians 5:30-31) and the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 19:3-9; Mark 10:2-12). Although men and women through the...
The Solar System: Mercury - Article
Jason Lisle, Ph.D. - by comets or a meteor stream in association with the Flood of Genesis 6-8. It is unlikely that Mercury would have been strongly affected by the Flood due to its great distance. So differences between Mercury and the moon may help us understand...
Deuteronomy 21:2: measure unto the cities - Study Note
... sin brought God’s curse of death on the earth (Genesis 3:17-19), the whole creation had been awaiting the time when Christ would be “made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree”...
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