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Consider The Ravens - Article
Barbara J. Cicognani - fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth” (Genesis 8:6,7). The raven felt no horror at the condition of the world, no hesitation at partaking of its gruesome abundance. The dove which Noah sent forth was more fastidious:...
Genesis 47:9: an hundred and thirty years - Study Note
... an hundred and thirty years. Jacob died at 147 (Genesis 47:28), whereas Isaac had lived to 180, Abraham to 175, and Terah to 205. Their distant ancestor Shem lived to age 600. Life-spans were still declining after the traumatic changes of the...
Genesis 15:16: fourth generation - Study Note
mentioned in Exodus 12:40 and the “affliction” of Genesis 15:13 would apply to their total experience in both Canaan and Egypt. If this is the case, then the actual sojourn in Egypt would be only 215 years (from the time of...
Displaying 1 - 3