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Genesis 24:9: under the thigh - Study Note
... under the thigh. This is a euphemistic reference to the genital organ, in symbolic reference (like that of circumcision) to the vital importance of maintaining the purity and integrity of the seed in whom God’s purposes were to be...
Numbers 23:24: great lion - Study Note
... of the coming “Lion of the tribe of Juda” (Genesis 49:9,10; Revelation 5:5), none other than Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. See also Numbers...
An Australian Fossil Insect Bed Resulting from Cataclysmic Destruction - Article
Andrew A. Snelling, Ph.D. - ... bears eloquent testimony to the devastation during the Genesis Flood. References D.A. Grimaldi, "Captured in Amber," Scientific American, 274:4(1996): pp.70-77. A. Henwood, "Still Life in Amber," New Scientist,...
Displaying 1 - 3