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The Powers Of God - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... He is the “Almighty God” of Abraham (Genesis 17:1), “the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth” (Isaiah 40:28). “Our God is in the heavens: He hath done whatsoever He hath...
Genesis 11:14: Salah - Study Note
... (though not the earliest), but it is not found in either Genesis 10:24 or I Chronicles 1:18, in any of the Masoretic manuscripts. The weight of evidence favors the Hebrew text with Cainan’s name having accidentally been later...
Genesis 11:10: hundred years old - Study Note
... Japheth was born one hundred years before the Flood (Genesis 5:32; 7:6). Shem was evidently a few years younger than Japheth (called “the elder” in Genesis 10:21). Ham was still younger. He was called Noah’s...
Genesis 10:21
... Shem also, the father of all the children of Eber, the brother of Japheth the elder, even to him were children...
Genesis 5:32: begat Shem - Study Note
... triplets. Japheth is later called “the elder” (Genesis 10:21) and Ham the “younger son” (Genesis 9:24). However, Noah was five hundred years old before any of these sons–who were the ones who chose to go with him on...
Job 1:1: land - Study Note
was possibly named after Uz, the grandson of Seir the Horite (Genesis 36:20-21, 28), who gave his own name to Mount Seir, in the land of Edom. He, in turn, may have been named after Uz, the grandson of the patriarch Shem (Genesis 10:21-23)....
Genesis 10:21: Eber - Study Note
... Eber. The term “Hebrew” comes from Eber, but the descendants of Eber also include the “Habiru.” Discoveries at Ebla, in northern Syria, seem to indicate the founder and king of Ebla to be...
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