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Ezra 8:17
... I sent them with commandment unto Iddo the chief at the place Casiphia, and I told them what they should say unto Iddo, and to his brethren the Nethinims, at the place Casiphia, that they should bring unto us ministers for the house of our...
Ezra 1:2: Cyrus - Study Note
... two hundred years before its fulfillment as recorded here by Ezra. In fact, this is one of the main arguments by those who say there were “two Isaiah’s,” with the second one writing the section beginning with Isaiah 40. This...
Nehemiah 8:17: very great gladness - Study Note
... who returned to Jerusalem with Zerubbabel and Jeshua (Ezra 3:4), but it was not like this, with all the people of Israel dwelling in their own hand-made “booths,” with great gladness...
Holey Bags - Article
Henry M. Morris III, D.Min. - ... to rebuild and was in a direct genetic line from King David. Ezra had come with Zerubbabel with priestly authority, some of the major implements of the temple plundered by Nebuchadnezzar’s armies, and a deep and passionate desire to bring...
... In the third vision of the apocryphal book of 2 Esdras (= 4 Ezra), Ezra asks the Lord when the signs he has been showing him will take place. The Lord responds: Measure carefully in your mind, and when you see that some of the predicted signs...
Displaying 1 - 5