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Ezekiel 40:3: a man - Study Note
... being the Son of God in pre-incarnate form (note Ezekiel...
Ezekiel 44:5
... the LORD said unto me, Son of man, mark well, and behold with thine eyes, and hear with thine ears all that I say unto thee concerning all the ordinances of the house of the LORD, and all the laws thereof; and mark well the entering in of the...
Ezekiel 44:5: mark well - Study Note
... mark well. Even though this is the millennial temple and the Lord Jesus reigns, there will still be people entering that kingdom who have not yet died. They will have been judged worthy to enter the kingdom, having been saved by faith in Christ...
A New Creationist Cosmology: In No Time at All Part 1 - Article
Various Authors - ... some Scriptures also compare to a crystal (Exodus 24:10; Ezekiel 1:22, 10:1). Ibid, 66. See 2 Samuel 22:10; Job 9:8, 26:7, 37:18; Psalm 18:9, 104:2, 144:5; Isaiah 42:5, 44:24, 45:12, 48:13, 51:13; Jeremiah 10:12, 51:15; Ezekiel 1:22;...
Displaying 1 - 4