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Judges 8:27: ephod - Study Note
... from the priestly garment usually called an ephod (e.g., Exodus 28:4-14). Whatever it was, it represented an intrusion into the divinely prescribed ministry of the high priest, probably relating to the proper use of the Urim and Thummin...
Exodus 28:30
... thou shalt put in the breastplate of judgment the Urim and the Thummim; and they shall be upon Aaron's heart, when he goeth in before the LORD: and Aaron shall bear the judgment of the children of Israel upon his heart before the LORD...
Joshua 7:16: was taken - Study Note
... of the priestly use of the Urim and Thummim (see note on Exodus...
Deuteronomy 33:8: of Levi he said - Study Note
... 33:13-17). On the Urim and Thummim, see the footnote on Exodus...
Exodus 28:30: Urim and the Thummim - Study Note
... Urim and the Thummim. The mysterious Urim and Thummim, set in the twelve-jeweled breastplate of the high priest (Leviticus 8:8), evidently had something to do with recognizing God’s will for the twelve tribes in their wanderings and...
Displaying 1 - 5