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Mother Birds And Their Young - Article
Paul G. Humber, M.S. - ... with the commandment to honor your father and mother (cf., Exodus 20:12 and Deuteronomy 5:16), but it is repeated in our text with respect to birds. The Lord, who instills in animals concern for their young, wants His people to respect that...
Exodus 23:19
... first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring into the house of the LORD thy God. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother's...
CHAPTER 6 - Satisfied With the Assignment: A Perspective On Jealousy
... "dwell" is used of God being "tabernacled"with His people (Exodus 25:8; Exodus 29:45). ... The sense is that of God's revealing Himself on earth in the midst of His chosen people. The courts of God are first mentioned in...
The Bible, Creation, and Ecology - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... His people to "seethe a kid in his mother's milk" (Exodus 23:19), even though the meat of the animal could be eaten by them. He ordained a weekly rest for animals as well as for people. "The seventh day is the sabbath (i.e., rest)...
Deuteronomy 14:21: mother’s milk - Study Note
milk. This unusual command is actually given three times (see Exodus 23:19; and 34:26). God desires that His people give due respect to His animal creation even though they are permitted for use as...
Genesis and the Character of God - Article
Henry M. Morris III, D.Min. - ... glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders? (Exodus 15:11) There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God. (1 Samuel 2:2) I will publish the name of the LORD…He...
Displaying 1 - 6