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Exodus 13:18: way of the wilderness - Study Note
... way of the wilderness. The shortest way to Canaan was by way of the seacoast, where a Philistine colony had been established since even before Abraham’s time. The Egyptians also probably had forces stationed there. More importantly, God...
Psalms 66:6: rejoice in him - Study Note
the sea into dry land to save His people in the past trouble (Exodus 14:21), so He will cause the dry land to swallow up the “flood” sent after His people by the Satan-possessed Beast in the future “time of Jacob’s...
Acts 13:20: four hundred and fifty years - Study Note
... the 480 years given in I Kings 6:1 for the period from the exodus to the beginning of the construction of the temple. A number of suggested harmonizations have been proposed. Many—perhaps most—modern authorities argue that the Greek...
Displaying 1 - 3