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Esther 6:8
... the royal apparel be brought which the king useth to wear, and the horse that the king rideth upon, and the crown royal which is set upon his...
Casting Lots - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - ... pagan use of the practice, see, for example, Jonah 1:7 and Esther 3:7. The “lot” could have been any object used to make a choice. In recent centuries in Europe, small balls of different colors began to be used, and this practice came...
Esther 6:8: set upon his head - Study Note
... set upon his head. That is, the royal crown (or crest) was to be placed on the head of the royal steed! Stone carvings of horses so arrayed have been found in Persepolis one of ancient Persia’s...
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