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Daniel 11:5: great dominion - Study Note
... great dominion. The king of the north, Seleucus, became stronger than Ptolemy. Each line continued through many successors, only the more important of which are enumerated in the prophecy. Thus, a number of generations are ignored, but the...
Daniel 11:5: king of the south - Study Note
... king of the south. Here begins a detailed prophecy of the future conflicts that would develop between two of the divisions of Alexander’s empire—the descendants of Ptolemy I in Egypt and those of Seleucus I in Syria. These are...
The Bible and Jesus Christ - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - ... of the whale (Matthew 12:40), the remarkable prophecies of Daniel (Matthew 24:15), and all the other "hard-to-believe" records of the Old Testament Scriptures. He even taught the fact of a recent creation! "From the beginning of...
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