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Principalities And Powers - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers” (Colossians 1:16). Although both demonic and human rulers have conspired against Him, He has defeated them all at the cross. “And having spoiled principalities and powers, He made a...
In Christ - Article
Norman P. Spotts, D.D. - in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily” (Colossians 2:9). In Colossians the preposition in introduces a multitude of information concerning the person of Christ, His relationship to us, and ours to Him. The...
The Godhead - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - ... in Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily” (Colossians 2:9). The term “Godhead” occurs three times in the King James translation. Each time it translates a slightly different Greek noun, all being slight...
Blessed In Christ - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - ... received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him” (Colossians 2:6). Therefore, since “ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. . . . For ye are dead,...
The New Creation - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - ... is nothing less than the mighty Creator of Heaven and Earth (Colossians 1:16), and the very same creative power which called the universe into existence must be exerted on each lost sinner to create in him a new nature, capable of having the...
The Way A Christian Walks - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - ... received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him” (Colossians 2:6). The Christian life is occasionally like running a race, but more commonly it is a day-by-day walk—a steady, consistent pilgrimage, stable yet advancing, with...
Walk As He Walked - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - ... Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in Him” (Colossians 2:6). Let us note several specific commands in the New Testament which describe such a walk. First and foremost, we are to “walk in the Spirit” (Galatians 5:16; see...
In Christ Jesus - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - ... Him, which is the head of all principality and power” (Colossians 2:10). Even when we die, we “sleep in Jesus” and, when He comes again, “the dead in Christ shall rise first” (I Thessalonians 4:14,16). Paul...
Wisdom And Might Are His - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - ... hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3), and to Him has been given “all power in heaven and in earth” (Matthew 28:18). God, revealed in Christ, is both omniscient and omnipotent, and true wisdom and...
The Fatherhood of God - Article
Henry Morris, Ph.D. - ... Greek nor Jew, . . . but Christ is all, and in all" (Colossians 3:10-11). May God help those of us who are (or will someday become) fathers on Earth to truly be children of our Father in heaven and thereby be genuine models of the...
Displaying 1 - 10