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God's Two Great Witnesses - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - ... Christian faith. Without a doubt these are the two greatest acts of God. His creation of all things and His bodily resurrection from the grave demand our eternal awe and proclamation to all. Consider the following two examples of their use. In...
Some Biblical Details - Article
Connie J. Horn - ... used Luke to chronicle the life of the early church in the acts of the apostles (Acts 1:1). He was with Paul at the close of Paul’s ministry; “only Luke is with me” (II Timothy 4:11). All Scripture is given by...
Leaning On The Word - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). We were redeemed “with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot” (I Peter 1:19). And this is sufficient! Nothing else need...
Follow Me - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - ... to develop a following in the Israel of Jesus’ day (see Acts 5:35–37, for example). It was even common for a Jew to follow a religious “master,” calling him Rabbi and becoming his disciple. But what made the disciples leave...
The Terror Of The Lord - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... The only other New Testament use of this phrase is in Acts 9:31: “Then had the churches rest . . . and were edified; and walking in the fear of the Lord, and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost, were multiplied.” These...
Showing the Way of Salvation - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - ... high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation.” (Acts 16:17) Paul first witnessed to European unbelievers in Philippi and saw them wonderfully converted (v. 14), but a young “soothsayer” continually interrupted, mocking...
Zechariah's Visions: Horns and Carpenters - Article
Henry M. Morris III, D.Min. - ... has “determined the times before appointed” (Acts 17:26) and He has often assured us that His Word “shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent...
Judging Error - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11).It is sadly true today that many who call themselves Christians have compromised with the pseudo-scientific worldview of evolutionary humanism that controls all secular...
Acts 5:11: upon all the church - Study Note
the word “church” (Greek ecclesia) in the book of Acts (used first in Acts...
Acts 25:11
... if I be an offender, or have committed any thing worthy of death, I refuse not to die: but if there be none of these things whereof these accuse me, no man may deliver me unto them. I appeal unto...
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