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Fair Havens - Article
Kenneth B. Cumming, Ph.D. - ... came unto a place which is called The fair havens” (Acts 27:8). Journeys might be considered as perilous excursions between places of security. They are more than commuter runs or vacations; they are momentous events motivated by...
Acts 1:18: purchased a field - Study Note
... chief priests, who used it to buy the field called Aceldama (Acts 1:19), or “the field of blood” (Matthew 27:8). He then hanged himself, apparently in the same field, but bungled the attempt, actually dying as described in this...
Acts 27:8: The fair havens - Study Note
... The fair havens. “Fair havens,” a harbor on the island of Crete in the Mediterranean, is still identified by that name in the modern Greek...
Displaying 1 - 3