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Prayer Of The Whole Heart - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... continued with one accord in prayer and supplication” (Acts 1:14). “And they continued steadfastly . . . in prayers” (Acts 2:42). “We will give ourselves continually to prayer” (Acts 6:4). Consequently,...
Hearts of Gratitude - Article
Eileen Turner - ... New Heart (Psalm 51:10; Ephesians 4:24) All Things (Acts 17:25; 2 Peter 1:3-4) God commanded us to be faithful stewards (Luke 12:35-38, 42 and Titus 1:7), not embezzling stewards (Luke 16:1-12), and not unjust stewards (Luke...
The Communion Of The Saints - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart” (Acts 2:42,46). Although it was not too many years before heresies, schisms, and non-Christian practices began to fragment the churches, nevertheless, fellowship is still a vital...
David’s Bedside Command - Article
Kenneth B. Cumming, Ph.D. - ... a man after God’s own heart who would fulfill His will (Acts 13:22)....
Take Heed Therefore - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - ... of God, which He hath purchased with His own blood” (Acts 20:28). On his way back to Jerusalem, Paul decided not to stop at Ephesus, fearing a lengthy delay. But this church was much on his heart, and he recognized that he might not...
No Other Image - Article
Henry M. Morris III, D.Min. - ... (v. 32). Paul taught the "philosophers" in Acts 17:22-29 that the heart of idolatry is rejection of God as Creator. Idolatry, in any form or practice, strikes at the heart of salvation, because "he that cometh to God must...
Gospel By Revelation - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - ... Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God” (Acts 20:24)....
A Large Room - Article
Norman P. Spotts, D.D. - he knew how vital it was to enter the "upper room" (Acts 1:13) of prayer and supplication. "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need" (Hebrews 4:16)....
Promised Performance - Article
Henry M. Morris III, D.Min. - ... 3:1-4). Our Lord knows all His works "from the beginning" (Acts 15:18) and sees the eternal fruit of our ministry that ripples long beyond our short earthly life (Revelation 14:13). There is also the mystery of our being "builded together for...
Luck? - Article
Paul G. Humber, M.S. - ... seasons, filling our hearts with food and gladness” (Acts 14:17). All creatures receive blessings from God. He gives “rain from heaven, and fruitful seasons” and fills “our hearts with food and gladness.” How do...
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