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2 Kings 19:35
... it came to pass that night, that the angel of the LORD went out, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians an hundred fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in the morning, behold, they were all dead...
Angels Round About - Article
Henry M. Morris, Ph.D. - ... lest thou dash thy foot against a stone” (Psalm 91:11,12). Angels are sometimes called on to rout the enemies of God and His people. “Let them be confounded and put to shame that seek after my soul . . . and let the angel...
Promises And Answers - Article
Norman P. Spotts, D.D. - ... is nothing too hard for thee” (Jeremiah 32:17). In order to bring salvation to His people, God, on several occasions, simply by-passed human strength and brought deliverance on His own. He would promise and then bring about...
Twelve Legions Of Angels - Article
John D. Morris, Ph.D. - ... me more than twelve legions of angels?” (Matthew 26:53). In I Chronicles 27:1–15, David assembled twelve “courses” (i.e., legions) of fighting men to protect him at all times. Each of those “legions”...
2 Kings 19:35: hundred fourscore and five thousand - Study Note
... hundred fourscore and five thousand. A number of naturalistic explanations have been proffered in an attempt to account for this extraordinary event, but none can suffice. The sudden death of 185,000 soldiers without assistance from any human...
Nahum 1:12: he shall pass through - Study Note
... he shall pass through. Again assuming that this passage refers mainly to the armies of Sennacherib, this is a remarkable prophecy of the miraculous deliverance of Jerusalem. “Though they [the Assyrians] be quiet [i.e., asleep], and...
Ezra 4:2: Esar-haddon King of Assur - Study Note
... Esar-haddon King of Assur. Esar-haddon was the son of Sennacherib, whose armies had been destroyed by God’s angel, at the siege of Jerusalem (II Kings 19:35-37). The Assyrians made no further attempt to take Jerusalem, but Esar-haddon did...
Displaying 1 - 7