“Watch Out for Gold, Glory, and Girls!”

That was the constant warning from an old evangelist to his “preacher boys” when I was preparing for the ministry nearly 50 years ago. Obviously, that warning is just as relevant today. The activities of certain prominent Christians have been exposed in the recent hacking of a scandalous website. The heartsickness that pervades the Lord’s family when one of His leaders falls is very difficult to cure. Behind that sickness is the pall settling over churches that do not prepare their people to resist sin’s temptations—and worse than that are the seminaries and Christian colleges that appear to be indifferent to the problem!  May God’s Holy Spirit strike at the heart of God’s leaders. “For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God” (1 Peter 4:17).

Henry M. Morris III, ICR CEO

Go For It!

Many Christian leaders have spoken publicly over the past few months about their concerns for the state of our nation—especially since the Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage. Things are coming to a head, and the world is on a collision course with the Creator.

Since all appear to agree, how one reacts to this news is extremely important. More...

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