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Christ Predicted Climate Patterns

Christ Predicted Climate Patterns

In the gospel of Luke, Christ once reported a climate pattern in Israel.1 Alaska’s southeast temperate coastal rainforest corroborates His claims, illustrating once again how true science confirms the Bible. More...

What Were the 'Waters Above the Firmament'?

What Were the

Early ICR scientists hypothesized that the “waters which were above the firmament”1 implied a canopy of water vapor that covered the earth before the Flood. However, later tests led researchers away from this model. What changed their minds? More...

ICR in Russia with NASA Astronaut

On March 18, 2016, NASA astronaut Col. Jeffrey Williams’ family and friends gathered in an open field about three-quarters of a mile from the launch pad to watch the Soyuz rocket lift off. Col. Williams blasted to space for his six-month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS).More...

Major Evolutionary Blunders: Berra's Blunder

Major Evolutionary Blunders: Berra

Did you know airplanes evolve? A 2014 research article titled “The Evolution of Airplanes,” written by Duke University’s distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering Adrian Bejan, makes that very claim.1 He begins with all the visible differences between a biplane and a jumbo jet. Airplanes have gotten bigger and faster over the decades.More...

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