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God's Perfect Gift


It is unfathomable what it meant for our transcendent Creator God to become finite man.More...

Job's Icy Vocabulary


By the breath of God ice is given, and the broad waters are frozen. (Job 37:10) More...

Are Animals the Result of Natural Processes or Creation?

Are Animals the Result of Natural Processes or Creation?

Either the current animals on this planet somehow evolved from simple creatures or they suddenly appeared—amazingly complex the first time we find them—with no evolutionary ancestors. Put another way: Are animals the result of chance, time, and natural processes—or are they the result of purpose, plan, and special creation? More...

Rockslides on Ararat

Mt. Ararat is a volcano, erupting numerous times since the Flood. Its ice cap continually erodes the hardened basaltic rock underneath. As the ice sheets move along, they push the loosened rock over the edges of the mountain, causing high-speed avalanches.More...

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