Museum Day at ICR

For the second year ICR will hold a Museum Day in conjunction with the nationwide Smithsonian Museum Day sponsored by Smithsonian magazine. Along with those that love the Creation and Earth History Museum, we hope people that are not familiar with creationism will visit us when they see our name in the list of participating museums in Smithsonian. As the creation/evolution debate has heated up around the nation, we have been visited by some people that wouldn’t ordinarily visit us. Most of these are young people from the many colleges and universities in San Diego and Los Angeles because of assignments given by their professors to find out what creationism is all about. Perhaps the same thing will happen in September.
We have many special events on Museum Day. Our scientists will be on site giving talks and answering questions. There will be special sales, refreshments, and free giveaways. Please join us Saturday, September 30, 2006, if you’re in the area. Click here for directions to our museum in Santee, California.
The speakers on Museum Day will be:
  • 10:00 am, Dr. Dan Criswell: African Eve
  • 12:00 pm, Dr. Steve Austin: Mt. St. Helens - Explosive Evidence for Creation
  • 2:00 pm, Frank Sherwin, MA Zoology: Design in Nature

Date: Sep 30, 2006

Santee, California.